Welcome to the Official Site for Green Mann

Mission Statement:

Grow the community’s awareness of  what “Going Green” really means. It is not limited to sustainability and becoming more environmentally conscious. Green is Good. Going green will ultimately save you $ and make you $$.

How Green Mann Started

Green Mann Advertising was hatched and nurtured at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. The concept was originally a social experiment; trying to gain 3,700 friends on FB without speaking. After reaching his goal, Green Mann revealed my true identity. He was then interviewed on CBS 12 about my plans and they even let him do the send off!

Since then Green Mann has been hired to promote local businesses and he loves every minute of it. You may notice him from Atlantic Ave or from Las Olas and anywhere in between. If you would like me to help YOUR business contact Green Mann today.

What People Are Saying…

“In less than six months, Green Mann has earned more than 4,000 Facebook friends, more than 3,000 YouTube views and countless high-fives and smiles from his classmates.”

“I think he’s awesome,” Shannon Ouellette, a 19-year-old FAU student who danced with Green Mann Wednesday afternoon in FAU’s campus breezeway, said. “He’s friends with everyone. It’s like the one commonality on campus.”